Permanent Make-up Augenbrauen

Permanent make up botched? – We save you!

Permanent make-up is considered the supreme discipline of make-up art. Sometimes, however, it happens that the permanent make-up does not correspond to the desired result and must be corrected or even removed. is your savior in need!

Rescue from botched permanent make-up

Do you have problems with botched permanent makeup, such as eyeliner? Then you are exactly at the right address with, because we offer individual solutions so that you can look in the mirror again satisfied and no longer have to waste time with annoying make-up of the corresponding facial areas. is your salvation when it comes to giving you back your self-confidence. Whether lash line, eyeliner, stitching or eyeliner: Thanks to modern pigmentation inks and the necessary know-how, we design the permanent make-up exactly according to your ideas and are your salvation, without swelling. Our professional correction is carried out by drawing and pigmentation.

Rescue and professional correction- Simply beautiful again-

In order to give you back your self-confidence, we work with you to develop the best solution when it comes to permanently concealing the unwanted permanent make-up through a professional intervention. When correcting, we not only take into account the budget available to you, but also look for gentle solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. promises professional and reliable corrections and rescue in emergencies.

Rescue in an emergency- Natural permanent make-up correction for

Have your eyebrows not been professionally designed or are you no longer satisfied with the permanent make-up? We correct the botched eyebrows and make sure you are satisfied. The correction always depends on the individual skin characteristics, as well as the quality of the previously used pigment. We take time for you and offer a high-quality and professional correction. The friendly and competent team of is your salvation, will be happy to advise you extensively and will find together with you the optimal method to conceal, remove or re-pierce the permanent make-up. This is done by oversubscription. offers the possibility to overlook the botched or no longer desired permanent make-up, to trace it. In addition to correction, we also offer eyelash extensions for naturally beautiful eyelashes, as well as hair removal and pigmentation of beauty spots. Your salvation!

We get your lips, eyeliner / eyeliner, eyebrows and lashes corrected and restore your skin with our good training in a beauty procedure.

With a beauty treatment of your lips, eyebrows, eyeliner / eyeliner your beauty will be corrected again.

We do not carry out liplight, make-up art and microblading in our studio. We consider microblading to be a trend, permanent make-up to try out. We find that the shelf life of eyebrows with about 3 -6 months is a very short pleasure, but can understand that many studios do not dare to approach a well-drawn  and permanently engraved permanent make-up due to lack of training.

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