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Service Description

Eyelash extension with single eyelashes or 3D technique

Excellent quality silk eyelashes are particularly soft and are therefore ideal to fulfill your dream of a qualitative eyelash extension. The lashes are naturally jet black and therefore do not need to be mascaraed. Swimming, showering or sauna, everything is possible with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions with individual silk eyelashes or flare lashes (small tufts) are also used by us to beautify your eyes – as is also customary with stars and starlets. In approx. 1 – 2 hours we accompany you gently and painlessly on the way to perfect eyelashes.

In addition, we have a wide selection of crystal stones and glitter eyelashes.

We carry different lengths and bends (8 – 15 mm long, J, B and C Curl). In a detailed consultation, we select the eyelashes that are right for you and, if desired, apply them immediately.

High-quality adhesives allow a wearing time of 3 – 4 weeks with good care. To keep beautiful eyelash extensions permanently perfect, you can have them refilled about 1 time per month.

Course of treatment eyelash extension

Before the treatment, all your questions will be answered in a detailed consultation and the sensitivity of your eyes will be discussed. For eyelash extensions, you lie down on our cosmetic couch and close your eyes.

The lower eyelid is protected from the eyelash glue with adhesive strips. The artificial eyelashes are then attached individually with a waterproof eyelash glue on the upper natural eyelashes and very close just before the edge of the eyelid. Between 50 and 100 individual eyelashes can be used per eyelid so that the eyelash extension looks as natural as possible.

Before we begin, we will put in a trial eyelash so you can see if you like the length we have chosen for you.
Eyelash by eyelash you get closer to their volume or natural compaction.

Trust years of experience and treat yourself to a new swing for the eyes, the search for perfect long eyelashes has come to an end.

Please contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Price eyelash extension Nuremberg and surroundings

Single Silk Eyelashes Lash ExtensionsPrices
Complete eyelash extension119,- €
Refill after 2 weeks40,- €
Refill after 3 weeks50,- €
Refill after 4 weeks60,- €
After 5 weeks new price
Please note: Often we see eyelash extensions with glued eyelashes, wrong lengths, strong pulling or too much glue at the joints. In order to solve these problems together with you, we are happy to take time for you. Customers who switch from other studios to us therefore pay the price of a complete new extension at the first appointment. The refill prices apply when the eyelash extension was made by us.
Original Swarovski stone applied as a highlight on the eyelashes/eyelidsper piece 3,- €
Volume eyelashes 2D, 3D to 10D remodeling119,- €

Customer experiences from Nuremberg and the surrounding area

We do not only serve customers from Fürth, but also from Nuremberg, Erlangen and Schwabach. We will gladly comply with your wish for beauty. According to customer statements, we have permanently developed into an insider tip and thus into a good address in Fürth, Nuremberg and the surrounding area. We will be glad if you share your good experience with us and one of our best products with your friends and recommend us.

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