Permanent make-up eyebrows

Service Description

Eyebrows – perfect as desired

No blurring, no tracing – surprise you with shapely eyebrows!

  • Exact measurement of the eyebrows
  • Determining the type-appropriate contour
  • Selection of the right color
  • Start of treatment when YOU are 100% satisfied!

Benefit from the advantages of a permanent eyebrow contour:

  • missing eyebrows are supplemented by hairs or shading
  • type-appropriate, shapely eyebrows without annoying plucking
  • no blurring, no make-up after sauna, swimming pool or sports

Course of treatment Permanent make-up eyebrows

I. Consultation and drawing of eyebrows

First of all, a detailed, type-appropriate and thus individual consultation takes place. In this interview, we determine your desired eyebrow shape and the right color for you. If you want to refresh or change already faded eyebrows, this will also be marked in advance, so that you can see and correct the final shape before the actual pigmentation.

In this way, irregularities or a different shape request can be improved. Only when the preliminary drawing or the shape and color are 100% convincing, is the incorporation of the colors begun.

A detailed consultation is the foundation for your perfect eyebrow permanent make-up.

II. disinfection and pigmentation

The drawing is followed by a thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin area to be pigmented. The site is now pre-anesthetized with a liquid local anesthetic. This ensures a more painless, comfortable treatment.

After starting the pigmentation, you can follow each step of the process in a hand mirror. In the course of the treatment, skin is repeatedly cooled and cleansed.

Depending on the skin condition and desired contour, a treatment lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours.

III. Aftercare

After the treatment the result is already very beautiful, appearing swellings disappear after a few hours. Shortly after pigmentation of your eyebrows, the shade appears more intense, but usually fades by 20 – 40%.

You will receive a light, fragrance-free cream, which you will apply to your pigmentation in the first few days after treatment. In order to achieve an optimal healing process, you should consider the following in the first week:

  • do not use eyebrow pencil
  • no removal of the light crust
  • no visits to saunas, swimming pools and sea water
  • No facial scrubs
  • no solarium, no sunbathing
  • after about a month, you should schedule another free follow-up appointment to perfect your eyebrow permanent make-up.
Eyebrows299,- €
Refreshing faded colors249,- €

*all our prices are incl. 1 follow-up treatment within 6 weeks, depending on the need. **excluded are voucher promotions (each post-treatment 50 €)