Permanent make-up eyeliner

Service Description

Eyeliner – seductive eye look

Her look gains expression and depth.

Eyelash line thickening:

Pigmenting a very narrow, fine line along your lashes.

Eyeliner on top:

Pigmenting a wider line (similar to the line drawn with eyeliner).

Kajal below:

Pigmenting a narrow line below the waterline of the eye.

Take advantage of the benefits of permanent eye makeup

  • optical magnification of the eye for an expressive, intense look
  • ideal for spectacle and contact lens wearers
  • professional eye make up even after sauna, sports or swimming pool visit
  • no more need to reapply makeup during the day
  • Time saving in the often hectic everyday life

Course of treatment permanent make-up eyeliner

I. Consultation and preliminary drawing of the contour

First of all, a detailed, type-appropriate and thus individual consultation takes place. During this conversation, we will determine the contour you want and its color scheme. If you want to refresh or change an already faded contour, this is also drawn on in advance so that you can see and correct the final shape before the actual pigmentation.

In this way, irregularities or a different shape request can be improved. Only when the preliminary drawing or the shape and color are 100% convincing, is the incorporation of the colors begun.

A detailed consultation is the cornerstone for your perfect permanent make-up.

II. disinfection and pigmentation

Preliminary drawing is followed by thorough cleaning and disinfection of the eyelid. The eyelid is now pre-anesthetized with a liquid local anesthetic. This ensures a more painless, comfortable treatment.

After starting the pigmentation, you can follow each step of the process in a hand mirror. During the treatment, the eyelid is repeatedly cooled and cleaned.

Depending on the skin condition and desired contour, a treatment lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours.

III. Aftercare

After the treatment the result is already very beautiful, appearing swellings disappear after a few hours. Shortly after pigmentation, the shade appears more intense, but usually fades by 20-40%.

You will receive a light, fragrance-free cream, which you will apply to your pigmentation in the first few days after treatment. In order to achieve an optimal healing process you should observe the following during the first week:

  • No eye rubbing
  • no removal of the light crust
  • no visits to saunas, swimming pools and sea water
  • No facial scrubs
  • no solarium(s), sunbathing
  • after about one month you should make another free follow-up appointment to perfect your permanent make-up

*all our prices are incl. 1 follow-up treatment within 6 weeks, depending on the need. **excluded are voucher promotions (each post-treatment 50 €)

PricesInitial treatmentRefresher
Eyelash line (fine eyeliner)149,- €99,- €
Eyeliner top199,- €149,- €
Eyeliner bottom (Kajal)199,- €149,- €
Eyeliner top & bottom349,- €299,- €
*all our prices are incl. 1 follow-up treatment within 6 weeks, depending on the need. **excluded are voucher promotions (each post-treatment 50 €)